IF: Duet

jucart Fri, 04/01/2011 - 18:53





Duet of Ovum princesse and Spermium knight.


(I started to draw the tale of birth gathering courage from your favourable comments. Smile


Feedback is welcome.


Brilliant interpretation of the theme! Sue

Utterly sweet! This series by you on reproduction I haven't seen yet in children books. Can I pre-order your book for my further grandchildren? Smile Keep going! This is so original and sweet.


cute illo for the topic.. Biggrin

Very Cute. I love the colors you choose.

Great fun interpretation.

What a warming interpretation. I think the two of them could really make something out of this! Would make a great "congratulations on your new baby boy/girl" card.

Cheers, R Smile

I will come with my "book" soon.

We have to save money and energy before first edition, because I have no experience and practice in "bookmaking". And I should finish the story of course. Lol


But I am optimistic, that it will be bestseller and my family won't break down. (hahahahawheeee)


I write your name to "my virtual pre-ordering list". Biggrin Hungarian edition will be okay? Biggrin

Quite a fanciful duet... Great twist!

What a clever idea for the topic! I really like the colors you used.

Clever and cute! This would definitely be a great children's book. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

This is a brilliant take on the subject! An age-old duet Smile